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Property Management

Puerto Vallarta's Personal Property Management Services

  • Regular bill payments (CFE, Seapal, Cable/Internet/Phone, Gas)

  • Weekly review of your Puerto Vallarta property (toilets, sinks, lights, remotes, internet, windows, doors, fans, furniture, appliances, any damages, plants watered)

  • A/C filters cleaned monthly

  • Minor repairs requiring up to an extra 15 minutes to be repaired during the weekly review at no additional cost

  • Regular maintenance schedule provided and performed with owner's cost approval for A/C cleaning/compression, drain cleanouts, fumigation, exterior paint, mattress and furniture cleanings, etc.

  • Your Puerto Vallarta property will be prepared, in advance, for any severe weather storms: (furniture placed inside and gas shut-off (if required)

  • Your property expense account is consistently updated for the owner’s review at any time.



  1. Studio / One Bedroom Property = $2700 pesos monthly

  2. Two Bedroom Property = $3000 pesos monthly

  3. Three Bedroom Property = $3400 pesos monthly

  4. Four Bedroom Property = $3800 pesos monthly

* Additional basic repairs provided at $450 pesos per-trip minimum - up to the first hour - and $450 pesos per additional hour *  Repairs requiring technicians on a quote basis *


*Owner will be notified for cost approvals on any individual repairs requiring more than a $2000 peso total cost (labor and materials)*


*Puerto Vallarta property cleaning services (350-600 pesos), landscaping, pool maintenance, remodelling, laundry services, fumigation, air conditioner and appliance repair are available*

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