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Puerto Vallarta Vacation Rental Hosting

PVR Prop is changing the standard of vacation rental hosting in Puerto Vallarta. Using modern technology and performing video property inventories to ensure your property remains secure, we ease the rental process for all involved by offering services such as:

  • Conducting a review of the property to ensure all items needed for an enjoyable vacation rental are in place (missing items can be purchased through us, or provided by you), and creating a property inventory list

  • Discussing any required security options, such as electronic deadbolts or quality lock boxes, to ensure your property is secure with minimal keyholders, and implement security requirements for guest bookings (e.g. photo ID, headshot photo and previous reviews)

  • Create a property information package if none is currently in place, based on your rules, property and building details.

  • Create a professional listing and marketing strategy for your Puerto Vallarta Property, which includes staging the property, professional photos, and creating a listing describing unique property details; including our PVR Prop's custom area guidebook

  • Regular revision of pricing based on season and demand to ensure maximum revenue potential

  • Dealing with all guest inquiries, bookings, and issues during guests’ stay; operating as the host and main contact for the property during each rental

  • Coordinating arrival and departure time, and all instructions for each approved guest

  • Recording a video of the entire property between geusts to ensure nothing is missing or damaged, and that the Puerto Vallarta property is ready with sufficient towels, toiletries, etc. 



Our hosting service commissions are 18 or 20% depending on whether the owner prefers an in-person check-in/out for each guest stay.

*Please Note - Vacation rental management is separate from property management (maintenance, cleaning and repairs of the property) and all units for which we manage rentals are required to have a property manager in place (See property management).

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